We will not stop until every car on the road is electric.

-- Elon Musk

The time is right for electric cars - in fact the time is critical.

-- Carlos Ghosn

Porsche is the last bastion of cars for petrolheads. So when they start making electric cars, you realise the world really is changing.

-- Chris Harris


With few EVs on local roads, and even fewer in local dealerships, EVAAC aims to get more EVs in front of more Atlantic Canadians.


EVAAC represents the largest body of EV experience & expertise in Atlantic Canada, and we aim to share that around so more people are aware of the great benefits of driving electric.


We work with all levels of government, businesses, & other organizations locally and across the country to accelerate the adoption of clean electric transportation.


Even in Atlantic Canada, where we unfortunately still burn some coal to produce our electricity, EVs are already cleaner than fossil fuel vehicles, will get even cleaner over their lifetime ...& did we mention you can even run them off sunshine?


With industry-leading technology, & without a big heavy engine up front, electric vehicles are claiming top safety ratings all around the world.


EVs are the quickest, strongest, and fastest vehicles on & off of this planet.


Save 75-90% on fuel, ~2/3 on maintenance, and drive electric today at a lower total cost of ownership than a comparable fossil vehicle.

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